Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: Day 28

So guys, the last time we met I told you that I met my first small personal goal of losing 5lbs. And because of that I was able to reward myself with a new pair of workout shoes. So, this weekend I went out and brought me some new shoes.

I really like the color; if you did not know blue is my favorite color, and they are very comfortable. Now I am working on my next small personal goal, which is to lose 5% of my body weight (12.5lbs). And I have already gotten off to a bumpy start. This past Friday I was not felling well and I did not work out, nor was I able to eat anything. I just felt really weak, so I laid in bed all day and drank tea. Because I wasn't feeling well yesterday I did not go to my Weight Watcher's meeting, I slept in and tried to get some rest. And by me resting up I felt better that evening so I went to workout. Every health professional and fitness professional will tell you that sleep is important for losing weight, as well as maintaining a healthy weight; so I think the reason that I did not feel well was because I was not getting enough sleep. I am constantly working, taking care of my son and my house, and making attempts to take care of my husband, while studying for my upcoming board exams and making time to work out, among other matters that I deal with daily. I guess my body just needed me to take some time for me, and not feel guilty for taking the time needed. Feeling guilty is another story that I might get into at a different time, but today I want to express to everyone that we all need time for ourselves, time to just be, time to just relax, time to breath; and you should not feel bad about it. Because if you don't take care of you who will?

Before I end this post I want to say that in spite of me not feeling well, I still got a chance to celebrate me meeting my first personal goal which motivated me and pushed me to continue despite me not feeling 100%. So, I am excited about what is yet to come for me on this journey. I have already learned so much about myself and some reasons way I continue to gain weight, but God has more things to show me. So, stay tune because there is more to come....

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: Day 22

Well guys I have been on my journey for 1 month now, and I must say that joining Weight Watchers was a great idea. On my last weight in, which was yesterday, I lost another 2 lbs which gave me a total of 5.2 lbs lost. I was so happy that I accomplished my first small weight lost goal, and I did it eating the food that I like, that I gained more motivation to continue the journey. The reason that  I am writing this blog is not to just focus on the highs of the journey, but to tell my truth about my weight in hopes that I can help somebody while I am on my journey. So, the question you all should ask me is am I learning from the jourmey, because when on a journey you should be learning something? Great question, and my answer to the question would be yes; I have learned two very important things. 1.) I have learned that when I am stress that I want to eat so I can feel better, and the foods I want to eat are sweet (cake, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, etc.), and 2.) I have to learn self control and in order to learn self control I must listen to my body.

On day 9 of this journey I was face with some personal challenges that caused me to be stressed. And because I was stressed I did not want to workout and I could not focus on counting points because all  could think about was the issue at hand. On day 9 is when I learned that stress was a negative trigger for me, and that in order for me to loss the weight and keep it off I have to learn how to handle my stress. So, day 9 was a very important day for me, because it opened my eyes to see some of my shortcomings as it concerns my weight.  On day 10 of this journey I found myself not eating what I needed to eat which resulted in me getting a headache, which caused me to just eat so my headache could go away. This to me was a lack of self control. I did not control my schedule to ensure that I ate something, which caused me not to eat throughout the day, which caused me int he end to just eat. This is a cycle that I have noticed myself doing since I have been on Weight Watchers. So, when you hear health professional, fitness professionals, and people in general say that losing weight is all in the person's mind they are absolutely correct. Because as you can see from day 1 up until now I have talked about what was going on in my mind which caused me to acted in a negative manner, which in turn effects my weight.

The bible tells us that as a man thinks so is he, which means what I think about will come true. So, if I think negatively negative things will happen to me. But when I begin to focus on positive things, positive things will happen to me. What I am learning thus for on this journey is that I have to get my mind right also. I can loss all the weight I want but if I don't see myself as God sees me then the weight will come back, and I might gain more than I started out with. This is the first of many breakthroughs, but I don't believe that this is the main breakthrough- the thing/matter that actually caused me to gain weight in the first place. That matter is what I must get to, deal with, and overcome if I hope for permanent weight lost.

Please share your own stories of challenges and how did you overcome them. Stay tune because there is more to come.