Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chapter 2: Starting A Family Continues

Well, I am back with another part of my story. If you have been following me so far then you know I am about the have my first baby. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and I am now going to the doctor's office every 2 weeks. I got to my 3rd trimester really fast, and now it feels like it is slowing down. But in away I am happy about it slowing down and let me tell you why. My husband and I have attended the hospital orientation and the birthing class, and both of those events further tells me that this baby is coming and his or her arrival is right around the corner. Both my husband and myself start getting a little scared. Viewing the birthing room made it so very real, and I have start to wonder if I can really do this. Can I give birth to my first child naturally? The birthing class gave me a lot of information that will be very useful, but I am still wondering if I can give birth to my first child naturally.

Now I have even more questions about labor and giving birth. Like, will I be able to get my body back, or will I still be able to pursue my dreams and rise my child? How will labor really fell and I will I act during labor? I wonder how will my husband and I act with the baby? I have so many questions and concerns, so many what ifs, but the only way that my questions will be answered is by having a beautiful, health baby.

I am so excited about meeting my first child; getting to know his or her personality. Seeing who he or she takes after. Yet, more questions. If you think you can help answer some of these questions, please feel free to chime in. Until next time.......