Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: Day 191

I am happy to announce to you all that as of yesterday I lost 25lbs (lost 10% of my body fat);  which means that I achieved my 4th personal weight lost goal. I am currently in a size 16, so I am down 2 pants sizes and I am so happy about my accomplishments thus far. I have a birthday coming up and I am so happy that I am the size I use to be, but I don't want to stay this size for the rest of my life and with Weight Watchers I actually believe that I can reach my weight lost goal. I my previous posting I stated that this month I would be answering questions that were given to me by Weight Watchers in an attempt to go deeper, and I have been doing just that. So far, I have realized that I am causing my weight gain because I don't believe that I should be smaller, and that is probably because I have always been a big girl. Me being overweight is a mind thing (I see myself as being over weight). What's funny is that every person that is over weight always say the same thing-I have always been a big girl/boy so this is just who I am. They come to accept their unhealthy self as how it is suppose to be. And this is so far from the truth. The reality is I am overweight (225lbs at a height of 5'7"), but the truth is I am born to prosper even as my soul prospers-meaning my soul has to know the truth in order for the truth to become reality. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: Day 177

I want to begin this entry off by saying that all it takes is one step in the right direction to get the momentum needed to continue to move forward, but taking the first step is the hardest part of the journey. One hundred and seventy-seven days ago I took my first step on my weight lost journey and I must say that I was a little skeptical about Weight Watchers because I consider myself a serial dieter (I have always been on a diet), and I thought that this was just another diet plan. But I can honestly say that I was wrong about Weight Watchers. It's not just another diet plan, it's a plan for transforming your life one day at a time. I currently weigh 226.8lb and I met my third personal weight lost goal back in July. I am now working on meeting my fourth personal weight lost goal which is to loose 10% of body fat ( down 25 lbs).

So, some may ask me how do you stay motivated to state on the plan, and I would have to say that my family and my God given purpose are the two major motivating factors for me. When I start feeling down I think about my family and God's purpose and how both need me, and in order for me to be around for a long time I have to be in the best possible health; and this will keep me focus on what I need to do. But those motivating factors are a part of my long term plans. When I need an immediate motivating factor I look to a personal goal that I set for myself, and that will push me to get up at that moment and go work out. That is why I set small personal weight lost goals for myself, because it helps me state focus and once met it allows me to reward myself and gain some gratification for the hard work that I am doing.

In this past Weight Watchers meeting we were given calendars for the month and on the calender there are questions and suggestions  that they want the participants to ask themselves or do. This month I think I will actually post the calendar and answer the questions and try some of the suggestions. I think that by me doing this it will help me go deeper into the way I gained weight. Please share your own personal journeys or give advise. Until next time.....

Reward for meeting my 3rd personal weight lost goal...