Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurry Up And Get There

Hey guys, I am back and I have more topics to discuss. If you have been following me you know that I recently got married. That was a very special day and a very proud day for so many people, and I am so happy that I married the man that I married. Even though I am happy to be a wife, as I never thought that I would get married; I constantly find myself thinking about the days when I was single, the days when I only had to worry about Jeanine, the days when I had all the time in the world to just do me and I remember how I really did not enjoy that time period in my life. Now that I am married, I have so little time to do the things that I enjoyed when I was single and I began to wonder why was I rushing to get here? Why didn't I enjoy those days when I could just lay in bed and not worry about someone saying anything? Why didn't I enjoy the days when I would take myself on a date? Why? I have no answer for the questions, but what I have learned is that those days were needed to ensure that I was prepared for the next phase of my life.

My single time was a period of my life when I was to learn more about me, to learn about what makes me me; and I should have really enjoyed that period of my life. This world is telling us that we have to hurry up and get there, hurry up and grow up, hurry up and become rich, hurry up. However, we need every season because every season teaches us and prepares us for the next season of our life. Please don't get me wrong; I am very happy that I am married and that I found my lover and friend for life but I realized that my single period was a period that I need and  I should have enjoyed more. When I was younger I always told myself that I did not want to have regrets, but guess what I have regrets. I regret not enjoying my single period, I regret not networking with more people, I regret not taking my board exams earlier, I regret. And having regrets does not feel good.

So, my advice to anyone out there who thinks they are running out of time to accomplish something, to find that special someone, to get married, to have babies, to do whatever; I would like to tell you that time is in God's hand so if your His child time is not running out. Please enjoy whatever period of your life you are currently in because it is a time period that God wants to use to teach you, to show you more of His purpose for you, to grow you up more, to prepare you for the next chapter in your life and if you don't enjoy it you might miss out on what God is trying to get to you.