Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: Day 114

I did not reach my third personal weight loss goal as I hoped I would, I missed it by 1 lb. So, as you can imagine I was disappointed with myself because I felt that I worked really hard last week. Yesterday's Weight Watchers Meeting was all about encountering set backs on your weight loss journey and what you should do when it happens (because it will happen). Well, last week I encountered a set back which was caused by mother nature-my cycle.  The question that you may ask is how could you overcome mother nature, even if it was a set back? And I would say that is a very good question, and the answer would be you don't. You don't try to overcome mother nature you embrace it. Because when you try to cut something out of your diet that will make you want it more, and the minute you get it you will over indulge and then the weight will come back. The advise that was given to us in the meeting was to make sure that you have healthy treats on hand, drink plenty of water, and if you want to indulge in some not so healthy treats just make sure that you account for it, but don't feel bad about eating not so healthy treats just keep moving forward.

We were also asked to write down a motivational saying that will keep us on track when we fall down, and I chose winners never quit and quitters never win, so if I want to win I can't quit even if I fall down. This week I plan to workout on my workout days, count my points, and stick to the plan. I can't get discourage or dwell on what I did or did not do. I must continue to take 1 step and that step will turn into my weight loss goals met. So, I encourage you all to find some words of encouragement that will keep you encouraged when you fall. We all have to learn how to encourage ourselves when we go through hard times. I have lost a total of 19 lbs, and by this Saturday I will met my 3rd personal weight loss goal and I will be able to get my leather purse. Please share your story or share words of encouragement, until next time....