Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chapter 2: Starting A Family

Hey guys, long time no hear from. So, let me give you guys a quick update on what has been going on with my pregnancy. I am now 40 weeks pregnant and my due date is May 29, 2012. From all of the documentation that I have been given to read by my midwife, I am currently going through pre-labor. Some with ask what is pre-labor, and I would say that is a great question.So, let me tell you what pre-labor is. Pre-labor is the time period when your body is preparing to go through labor. So, I have been experiencing the following symptoms: cramping (cramping that feels like my cycle wants to come on), my vagina is sore, my stomach gets tight/hard, and I am use the bathroom a lot. Those are some of the physical changes that I am going through. Mentally I am nervous, excited, feeling like I am ready for the baby to come but not ready for the baby to come, tried of being tried, and tried of being pregnant. I am feeling like this will never end, but I am ready for it to end, but I am scared for it to come to an end because of the what I have heard about labor.

So, now I am just waiting on my baby to come into this world. And while I am waiting for my baby to come, I am trying to mentally prepare myself for what I was made to do. I must admit that when I first found out that I was pregnant I was sad because I thought that I would not be able to do the things that I planned on doing with my life. But because I have been praying and reading the word of God, I know that God will give me the desires of my heart and that having this baby is part of my purpose here on earth. I am realizing that I will be able to I can do all things through God that strengthens me. It may be hard, but it will be worth it in the end. I was put on this earth to subdue it, replenish it, and take dominion of it; and with God's grace it will be done.

Well, that's my story for now and if you guys have something you want share please do. Until next time.

                                                                  The Baby's Room.....