Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Mother's Love

I remember my mother telling me that no one will ever love me like she loves me, and that never made sense to me until I had me own child. A mother's love is unexplainable, but I can say that it is an example of how God loves His children. When I look at my child I want to give him the world, I want to be the person he looks up to, and I want to be the person that he can come talk to about any and everything. Before I had Lee I only thought about myself. I only thought about what I could do to better myself or how could I get the latest whatever for myself. Now, I think how can I get Lee what he needs, and what can I do to make sure he has what he wants. All of my hopes, dreams, and desires have Lee in them. So, that means that what I do I do for my family. I know some people might ask, what about your husband, Lee's father, do you love him still? And my answer would be yes, I love my husband very much. But the love I have for my husband and child are so different. But there is one thing about my love for my husband and child is the same, I want them to have, do, and be the best they can be. 

So, I go back to my first statement of my blog; no one will ever love me like my mother loves me; and now I get it. Because no one will ever love my son the way I love my son. A mother's love is strong and hard. A mother's love is deep and wide. A mother's love is true and unconditional. A mother's love is pure and bright. A mother's love is something that you won't understand until you become a mother.

I would like to hear what you think about a mother's love. Below you will find some pictures of my little man. Until next time.....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lee's Day Out

Well, Lee got a chance to go out and see the world and I was so excited. Lee, baby Lee, and me went out for a walk in the park. I was so happy that we were going out as a family. I was also just happy to get out of the house. Both Lee and I have been in the house since he got home, so I was very happy to get out of the house. I also was excited to show Lee another part of the world, because he has seen his home and his room, I wanted him to see something else. While we were walking through the park I thought to myself, how lucky am I. God has truly blessed me with a beautiful family and I good assignment that allowed me to take time off to be with my baby. I must admit that went I found out that I was pregnant I thought about all of the things that I didn't get a chance to finish, and how having a baby was going to slow me down in my career. But while I was walking, I looked at my family and I realized that having a family is a blessing from God. God gave me this family because He believes that I can take care of them, as well as take care of my other responsibilities that He has given me. I must also admit that I was so scared of what was to come, because I really did not know what was coming, but God has made a way for this family. And during our family walk I realized all of this. God is good all the time, and He is the one that make every dream possible. I love my family and I am so happy that God gave them to me. I pray everyday for the wisdom to take care of this family as well as my other responsibilities.

We took some pictures of our family adventure, so please take a look and let me know what you think.

Well, that's my story thus far. I would like to hear yours. Tell me how having a baby has changed your life and give me a heads-up on what I can except in the future. Until next time..... 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Postpartum Changes

By now everyone knows that I have had a baby and that my baby is a month old. By now everyone has been made aware of how my labor went and how I handle it. I have received praise and congratulation from everyone. Now, I want to tell you all how having a baby has changed me.

Monday, July 9, 2012

1 Month Old: July 7, 2012

Ready to go to Granddad's House

Sitting Up Like a Big Boy...

Still Waiting to Leave

On July 7, 2012 Lee Arthur Smith, V was 1 month old, and his father and I were so excited about this milestone. Little man has began to smile a little, and make different facial expressions, and he has started to make different type of noises that just cracks me up. He has gotten bigger, heavier, and longer; but that just means that there is more for us to love. He has started trying to hold his head up and he loves to sit up like a big boy. He has changed so much and I am so happy that I have the chance to see him grow. He has gotten darker, and some of his features have started coming in. His personality is still forming, but one thing is for sure; he does not like anyone touching his hands and I think it is so cute. He is a little fighter, and he knows what he does and does not like. He is amazing and I am just in aw of him everyday.

I am looking forward to see how he grows in the months to come, and of course I will keep you guys updated. Until next time....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Truth About Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is the nature way of feeding your child, and many women don't get the opportunity to breast feed their child. I was so fortunate that I was able to breast feed my son, and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it. But I must say that I did not know how frustrating it can be when you are starting to breast feed; and no one told me that it would be so frustrating. This is my truth about breast feeding from the beginning to the end.