Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Life Journey: September 22, 2013

On September 22, 1978 I entered this world with a God given purpose that is so big that only God can help me to accomplish it. So, I was put on a path by God and every decision that I made brought me closer to my purpose, as well as shaped me into the person that God desires me to be (still in progress of transforming). However, their have been some decisions that I have made that have caused me be set back frustrated, upset, depressed, and derailed; but through it all my God was and is there to help me get right back on track.

Now on my 35th birthday, September 22, 2013, I am reflecting on my life thus far and I know that I am blessed. I am married with a son, and realizing that life is a journey and the road map for the journey is the Bible (God's Word). I have also realized that I have to decide, believe, receive, and give thanks so that God's Word will be real for me. God's word commands us to be more than just hearers of His word, we must also be doers. Looking back I know that God was with me because there were a lot of things that could have happen to me but did not, but I also know that if I had been more than a hearer of His word I would be closer to my purpose.

I still haven't fulfill my God given purpose but I know that with the Word of God I have control over time, therefore, I still have time to fulfill it. God's Word keeps me strong. Share your journey with me. Until next time.....