Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: Day 1

Well guys I did it, I took the first step in the right direction as it concerns my health. On Saturday, March 15, 2014 I started Weight Watchers. March 15, 2014 was the day I had to admit to myself that I need help with losing weight. I thought because I went to school to become a chiropractor and took classes in nutrition that I knew it all and I did not need help, but I was wrong. I will admit that I know more about health, fitness, and nutrition than the average person, but I still need help with being motivated to do what I know I should be doing as it concerns my health and fitness. I will also admit that I was ashamed of myself because I had gained so much weight after losing a lot of weight. The first time I really tried to lose weight I was in chiropractic school, I had help from my friends, and I got down to 200 lbs on my way to my goal weight of  185 lbs ( a size 12). I was so proud of myself, and I had son much confidences in myself. And then we all graduated and life started. I moved to Illinois and began working. I met a man and got married, and then had a baby. And while I was living my life the weight began to come back and I found myself weight 250 lbs. During my pregnancy I gained more than 60 lbs, and I felt that it was okay because I was pregnant. After I had my son, and gained release for my midwife, I began working out. But I felt so guilty about leaving my son to go to the gym to workout that I stopped, and my weight kept increasing. My self esteem continued to decrease and depression began to creep into my life. So, I began working out again, but guilt began to creep back into my life. But this time I thought that I could workout before I came home from work. I thought that since I am already out of the house, I am not leaving my son, so when I get home I am there to stay. This plan worked for a while and I began to see some weight lost. However, this did not last for long and the weight came back. This back and forth cycle continued for almost 2 years. What changed you may ask? Good question, and my answer would be that my mind changed.

God says that I am healed, and this includes obesity; so I believe that I am healed. And because I believe this my spirit began to speak to me. I began to see me healthier, having more energy, and being more active with my son. I told a friend that after I had my baby I wanted to join Weight Watchers, but after I had my son I found every reason not to join. But when the new year came I just thought that if other people can do it why can't I. I began thinking about where would the money come from, because I don't have extra to pay to Weight Watchers. So, I prayed and March 15, 2014 I took my first step.Taking that first step was very scary because thoughts of failure began to creep in my mind, but I took the step anyway. My spirit began to speak to me and it told me that God has a purpose and a plan for me and in order for me to reach it I have to be at my best and right now I am not at my best. So, I sat in the meeting and after the meeting was over the discussion about payment came, but I knew it would. I almost said forget it because where would the money come from, then my spirit told me to pay weekly ($14.00 every week), which may seem like nothing but it is when you have  child to tak care of. Nevertheless ,I did it. I signed up and moved forward with what I was told to do by my spirit.

So, Day 1 I weighted in at 251.6 lbs and my overall weight loss goal is to lose 67 lbs. My weekly goal is to workout 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Many will say that this goal should be easy to complete, but if you have read my story you will know that this will be difficult for me, but I know I must do it and I will do it with help from God. I will do it one day at a time, because my spirits tells me to only look at and focus on that day.

Continue to read about my weight loss journey and wish we well. You can also share you own personal jourenys. See below how I look now:


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