Monday, January 18, 2016

My Weight Lost Journey: Day 638- 1 Year and 306 Days

I know that you all have been waiting for my update on my how my first Hip Hop Class went, and I am soooooooo happy to say that it went good. Of course you all know that I was sooooooooo excited and nervous all at the same time, because it was something new and different. Not knowing what to expect makes you think of the worst that could happen.
So, what did I expect when I went to the class- I expected to see these super tone and really good dancers and I would be in the class just looking a hot mess. But that was soooooooooo far from the truth. I walked into the fitness studio and I saw an array of people that ranged from young to old, and they all where on different levels of fitness; which helped to calm me down and just do me and have fun. I really felt like I belonged there and that I would be able to catch on quickly to the steps. I felt good about myself, which is important when you are trying something new. And then the music started and I thought here I go no turning back, and I began to do the dance steps-and I felt good.

I found myself having fun in the class.  The nervousness I felt was gone. I was sweating and moving around, and the time just went by so fast. Now some of the step I did get lost on and I was like oh no I look a hot mess-and I did. But you know what, it did not matter because I was having so much fun. I was doing something different but it was for me, and I felt really powerful. The instructor was super upbeat, and that was great because she made me want to try to keep up with her tempo. The one thing I would have to say that I would change about the whole experience would be my shoes. I really needed some dance type sneakers because I was sliding a lot, and I could have hurt myself if I was not careful. So, if you are think about doing any type of fitness class, please make sure you have the proper shoes for it because you don't want to hurt yourself.

Doing this class has motivated me to want to just move, and that includes doing my regular workouts. Just being around like minded people also motivated me to want to keep pushing forward on this journey. I heard somewhere that it is so easy to give up when it gets hard, and it is true. Last year during the times when I was going up and down on this journey the days I was going down I just wanted to keep going down because I was already moving in that direction. But then I would get around like minded people (a Weight Watchers' Meeting) and I would get back focus. However, taking that step to refocus was harder than losing the focus. So, the take away from this blog post, at least I hope the take away will be, try new things because staying in one place can cause you to lose focus on the over goal. Also, get around people who are striving to achieve things in life because that will inspire you to want more for yourself. Remember change is good and when we learn how to embrace change we will get so much further in life.

I had so much fun at my Hip Hop Fitness Class and I can't wait to go to the next class this Thursday. My journey continues... Until next time........  Please visit my health awareness page for information on obesity. And visit my booster page to help me bring more awareness to obesity.

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